viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Free internet!! Culture is free!!! NO to the manipulation and control!! Free information!!!

Ya sea por multinacionales o por los gobiernos, lo cierto es que los medios de comunicación como la TV o la prensa están reguladas o controladas, y lo mismo quieren hacer con Internet, nuestro único medio de difusión de la información y la cultura totalmente libre. No dejemos que se salgan con la suya como siempre.

The Mass Media, like TV and press, are controlled by governments or big companies. They want to do the same with Internet, our only free way to inform and disseminate culture. We can’t lend them to do that!!!!!!!

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

M15 and the Crisis

The last 15th of May a lot of young people did an asembly in the streets of all spanish cities. We were fed up with the lying politicians and the biggest thieves, the bankers. We are the most prepared generation and we can't have neither a decent job nor a place to live.
Almost  half of spanish people are unemployed, although the statistics say that they are 23%. A lot of families have been seized untill now and this situation will go on. It shouldn't be possible that, when you can't pay the mortgage, the bank takes your house away and even the people's house who have guarantee you. And that's not all but you have to pay the whole of the house's price to the bank. Are they crazy??
What's more, people dont'n have a job and can't pay anything because of the crisis, which has been created by the banks!! It's like a bad joke!!
Another amazing thing is that the mass media are manipulated by the goberments who are siding with the bankers. Icelandics didn't let the bankers to steal them and imprisoned all of the big bankers. They demanded to the goberment to do things properly. Now, they haven't got any crisis. But all the european mass media hid it. Instead of telling the truth they tell lies such as the M15 people being very few and criminals.
The saddest thing is that people are asleep. If the most of them don't wake up we can't do anything.